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The BG Art Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to providing resources and funding for addiction recovery.

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Barry Graves Jr.

Barry Graves was a local Gainesville artist from 2000-2020.  From an early age he loved art and viewed the world through a detailed and creative lens.  Barry studied at Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with a BA in 2000.  Post-graduation, Barry began his career as an artist.  His medium was oil on canvas.  He painted commissions with a focus on portraits of people and animals.  His body of work consisted of rich colors and intricate, surrealist designs that housed hidden imagery and meaning. 

Barry also suffered from the disease of addiction.  For much of his adult life he was dependent on narcotics.  In his early thirties he beat his narcotic addiction. His art career began to grow.  He painted many commissions and his art was featured in murals in both the Gainesville and Orlando areas.  Barry spoke of the horrors of addiction and was adamant that he would never fall to the use of narcotics again.  He acknowledged the strength and success he had in beating addiction.  

In early 2020, Barry fell again to the use of narcotics.  March 29th, 2020, Barry died of an accidental overdose.  Barry left behind many works of art that the world has not yet seen.  

Barry hated addiction.  He grieved that he suffered from this disease.  He did not want others to suffer as he did.

Barry loved life.  He loved people.  He was the life of the party.  He made everyone feel welcome. He was gracious and accepting.  He was creative.  He was a gentleman.  Barry had much to offer in talent, relationship, and a love for life.  Even in his physical absence there is more to share.  We would like to share his life work and his legacy with you through the mission of BG Art, Seeking recovery and healing through art.

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